What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of raising money through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors. This approach dips into the participation of a large group of individuals—primarily online via social media and crowdfunding platforms—in order to reach their networks for greater exposure.



Who can launch a project?

Only universities, institutions, research centers and similars can launch a crowdfunding project with us. Private citizens or industries cannot. This to guarantee absolute integrity and complete respect of the scientific spirit.



Who can donate?

Everybody! Each one of you, private or public, industries or institutions, simple housewives or tycoons can contribute to the projects you believe in.



How it works?

Let’s say you are a researcher who thinks to have discovered a new cure for a disease. Let’s say that you cannot find the funds necessary to your research. You are stuck and you will have to give up your dream just because your cure is not economically interesting to the pharmaceutical industry. Yet with All4Science you could present your project to the world and will be the world to decide whether it is worthwile or not to support you. Isn’t that amazing! You (the researcher) fix the target. Let’s say you need 300,000 euros to fund your research, to pay for stuff like sensors, software, workers, students and so on. People start donating. Once your target is reached you can start working on your project. Couldn’t be easier!



What happens if the donations don’t reach the target?

If the amount of money given by donors is not enough to reach the target no money will be taken from the donors. The funds will be released only when the target sum is reached.Sometimes the researcher sets different steps for its projec. He might say that if he reaches 100,000 he will be able to buy some of the materials he needs and find some students for his study. If he reaches another 100,000 he might carry on and increase his efforts for what he is doing and so on. It will be all explained in the project page so the donor is aware of everything.



What do we mean by “scientific research”?

After a lot of thinking we came to the conclusion that what really interest us is to help human knowledge. We do not aim to find finances for commercial investments, for the design of a new style of jeans or trainer shoes. What we really want is to help science and research to solve problems, find answers, confident that this will lead to an improvement in our quality of life and in that of the world to come. We want to take part in understanding what is left to understand and in discovering what is yet left to discover, and so could you.