The importance of biodiversity.

“Without biodiversity, there is no future for humanity,” says Prof. David Macdonald of the University of Oxford.

This simple sentence would be enough to show how important and complex the study of biodiversity of our planet is and how the ever increasing global loss of biodiversity represents a serious threat for our present but above all for our future.

Damian Carrington explains it in an article that recently appeared on the pages of The Guardian.

Regarding biodiversity, we remind you that the fundraising campaign for the DolPhInS Project is still active on The DolPhInS Project (Dolphin Photo Identification Study) aims to perform a deeper assessment of bottlenose dolphins population in the central Tyrrhenian Sea: this marine species plays a key role as an indicator of environmental quality and of local biodiversity.

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Scientific Crowdfunding: how and why the donor chooses a project to support.

What are the factors that most influence the success of a crowdfunding campaign for a scientific research project?

What drives the donor to make his choice?

Dear Researchers, if you are planning to present your research project on a scientific crowdfunding site, these are the questions you should definitely know the answers to.

This is why we invite you to read very carefully an article by some Swiss researchers that you’ll find here. It presents a careful and rigorous study of the main factors that affect the outcome of a project on a crowdfunding platform.

We consider it very interesting, especially when it shows that projects presented on crowdfunding platforms dedicated exclusively to science (like All4Science) have higher success rates!

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Crowdfunding for the Study of Dolphins in the Tyrrhenian Sea

All4Science is thrilled to announce the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign called: Project DolPhInS.

With this project the team of Tuscia University and Me.Ri.S. Association intend to investigate the bottlenose dolphins’ population in the central Tyrrhenian Sea.

The bottlenose dolphin is a top predator. The regular presence of these mammals in coastal waters indicates high diversity of the marine communities, including fish species of commercial interest. Therefore, bottlenose dolphin is a key marine species that can be used as indicator of the environmental quality.

The study will be carried out with the greatest respect for the environment and through non-invasive methods of visual survey and photo-identification.

Its aim will be to study, for the first time, the local population abundance, social structure and habitat use in these waters, where biodiversity hotspots and heavy human activities have been recognised.

Through these activities the team aspire to build a permanent investigation unit regarding cetacean species and marine ecosystems at the Tuscia University, already part of the CIRCE Consortium (Interuniversity Centre for Cetacean Research).

The funds will cover the cost of the equipment for field work and data collection, also supporting the activities of researchers of the university involved.

For further information on the project and to contribute to the campaign, please visit the project page:

All4Science announces the first call for proposals of crowdfunding for scientific research

We are currently selecting the first group of scientific proposals to be presented in our website.

Do You Have an Innovative Research Idea?

All4Science invites scientistists to come forward with innovative research proposals to be presented on our website.

Scientists from universities, university colleges, universities of applied sciences and research institutes are welcome to partecipate.

Send an email with the title and a short description of the project and we will send you the proposal guidelines.

The public must be able to understand the basics of the research proposal!

Assume that common people are reading it and will decide to support it Don’t assume that anyone knows the importance of anything! Don’t give anything for granted!

For more information on proposal preparation and submission please contact us:



It can happen even to the best

It has happened often in history, and still happens, that the more enlightened and intelligent people are not recognised and supported by their contemporaries.

It happened to incredibly experienced people such as Walt Disney (fired from a newspaper with the following motivation: “lack of imagination and without good ideas”), Charles Darwin (he once wrote, “I was considered by all my masters and my father, a very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intellect.”), Stephen King (one of his most famous books, “Carrie”, was rejected more than 30 times), Elvis (after a performance at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry , Elvis was told by the concert hall manager that he was better off returning to driving trucks), Albert Einstein (he didn’t speak until he was four and didn’t read until he was seven. He was subsequently expelled from school and was not admitted to the Zurich Polytechnic School) and, believe it, to many others.

The experts do not always recognize successful ideas, in these cases only the persevering people succeed. But perseverance comes with a price and, if you do not have very rich and generous relatives, you risk having to give up.

The aim of All4Science is to give all scientists and researchers the possibility to persevere and to realize their ideas and dreams by directly financing their work through our funding platform.

Welcome to All4Science, the new crowdfunding platform for scientific research!


We are a group of friends, researchers, programmers, social network enthusiasts, dreamers motivated by the belief that Science is fundamental for the progress of human society.

We are launching All4Science, a new no-profit organisation with the objective to provide a crowdfunding platform dedicated to scientific research projects. This means that the platform will accept research proposals only presented and carried out by researchers who are part of Universities or National Research Centres.

What do we mean by “SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH”?

After a lot of thinking we came to the conclusion that what really interest us is to help human knowledge. We do not aim to find finances for commercial investments, for the design of a new style of jeans or trainer shoes. What we really want is to help science and research to solve problems, find answers, confident that this will lead to an improvement in our quality of life and in that of the world to come. We want to take part in understanding what is left to understand and in discovering what is yet left to discover, and so could you.

Why a Science Crowdfunding Platform?

Crowdfunding since its first appearance in 2003 (D. M. Freedman and M. R. Nutting, 2015) has been gaining popularity and importance with millions of donors and millions of dollars raised, and has proven to be a powerful way to support small businesses, start-ups, charities, and even personal projects with fresh capitals. Certainly, crowdfunding has the potential to become an important additional instrument for funding research activities outside traditional government sources.

Can crowdfunding be adapted to fund scientific research?

At All4Science we decided to take on this challenge and we are doing our best to realise an innovative crowdfunding platform where researchers will be able to post their proposals directly to the public. Scientists in turn will face the challenge of how to present their research ideas to a public outside the academic world in order to reach a large number of potential donors around the world.

We are confident that the new platform will be a useful instrument in the hands of researchers to help them in accessing a large amount of funds for their research projects.

Stay tuned, your comments and suggestions are important to us

We look forward to hearing from you!