All4Science announces the first call for proposals of crowdfunding for scientific research

We are currently selecting the first group of scientific proposals to be presented in our website.

Do You Have an Innovative Research Idea?

All4Science invites scientistists to come forward with innovative research proposals to be presented on our website.

Scientists from universities, university colleges, universities of applied sciences and research institutes are welcome to partecipate.

Send an email with the title and a short description of the project and we will send you the proposal guidelines.

The public must be able to understand the basics of the research proposal!

Assume that common people are reading it and will decide to support it Don’t assume that anyone knows the importance of anything! Don’t give anything for granted!

For more information on proposal preparation and submission please contact us:



It can happen even to the best

It has happened often in history, and still happens, that the more enlightened and intelligent people are not recognised and supported by their contemporaries.

It happened to incredibly experienced people such as Walt Disney (fired from a newspaper with the following motivation: “lack of imagination and without good ideas”), Charles Darwin (he once wrote, “I was considered by all my masters and my father, a very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intellect.”), Stephen King (one of his most famous books, “Carrie”, was rejected more than 30 times), Elvis (after a performance at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry , Elvis was told by the concert hall manager that he was better off returning to driving trucks), Albert Einstein (he didn’t speak until he was four and didn’t read until he was seven. He was subsequently expelled from school and was not admitted to the Zurich Polytechnic School) and, believe it, to many others.

The experts do not always recognize successful ideas, in these cases only the persevering people succeed. But perseverance comes with a price and, if you do not have very rich and generous relatives, you risk having to give up.

The aim of All4Science is to give all scientists and researchers the possibility to persevere and to realize their ideas and dreams by directly financing their work through our funding platform.